Curriculum Vitae - Markus Auvinen

I have played with, studied and worked with computers and computer systems for 30 years. I started on one of the very first personal computers that emerged, with rubber buttons. The BASIC programs you wrote had to be saved on an external tape recorder. No harddisks. A few kilobytes of RAM.

After my M.Sc.EE studies at the Chalmers Technical University in Göteborg I worked with embedded realtime systems for three years and testing in Ireland for a year. Then I wanted to further improve my theoretical knowledge, so I did one last year at Chalmers and studied fault-tolerant, distributed realtime systems. I then started to work at Combitech Systems in Gothenburg as they had a solid reputation for being the best when it came to embedded systems. My section of Combitech was however sold to Caran AB that in turn was bought by Semcon AB and suddenly I was working at EIS by Semcon AB. But the vision of the small company's flexibility combined with the big company's muscle was soon shredded as Semcon didn't like us. After a while our CEO gave up, left and EIS was swallowed by Semcon just as I jumped the ship as the second last.
Just as EIS was crumbling, a friend of mine got work at something similar but much more promising: Adecco was starting up a senior consulting company and I joined in the fall of 2012. But Ajilon Consultants didn't quite work out, I thought, so after a couple of years I joined Acorn Technology AB. This is a Gothenburg local and competent crowd of software people having their office in the center of town, Drottninggatan 31.
In the winter of 2016 I got the idea to leave which lead to A year on wheels but I returned to my life in Gothenburg. In the winter of 2018 that same initial urge instead made me move down to Malmö. I found a nice place to live, a great crowd to work with at Additude and fell in love with the city.
A year of old-school C programming at Cognibotics followed, a year also filled with great coffe at Solde, food and healthy cakes at In the Pink, chocolate at Cacaofoni and much champagne. But even though my life was better than ever again that voice told me to head south. Again!? Indeed. Soon an offer in Switzerland turned up and I left Sweden for the longest time ever.

Here I am, in kanton Graubünden, living in a paradise named Feldis in Gemeinde Domleschg and working at Noser Engineering in Bad Ragaz as a software craftsman and getting to know a part of the world that is quite fabulous.

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Written references seem to be an outdated thing but here are some from the past. If you want somebody to talk to then please contact me and I'll provide you with recent and relevant contacts.
Stiftelsen Sverige i Europa
Neoventa Medical AB
Volvo IT
Volvo Personvagnar
Pelmatic Göteborg AB, 1993
Saab-Scania AB
Tefco AB


Fire fighter's basic course, 2020
Summer class in nonviolencewithPer Herngren
Facklig grundkurs (introduction to working in the union)
Risk assessment - ISO 14971
Den osynliga retoriken
Den talande kroppen