Curriculum Vitae - Markus Auvinen

Name Markus Auvinen
Place of birth Älvängen (Starrkärrs kommun back in the day), Sweden
Date of birth 1 November 1973
Citizenships Finnish

Work experience

FIS Global
Oerlikon, Switzerland
2021 - ongoing
Senior Software Engineer
Working with card payment software written in C running on Oracle's Tuxedo framework. The colleagues are spread out over North America, Europe and India and I'm working mostly from home.
Hamilton Medical
Bonaduz, Switzerland
2019 - 2021
Senior Embedded Consultant
Working on ventilator control software in a team using Rhapsody from IBM, SubVersion (SVN) from the old ages, Jira and Bamboo from Atlassian. Code in C++17/20. Also implemented an MQTT test framework in Python 3.
Additude AB
Malmö, Sweden
2018 - 2019
Senior Embedded Consultant
2018 - 2019 Writing an INtime to POSIX adapter for Cognibotics in Lund. Coding in C using as much POSIX as possible, code and project in GitLab.
2018 Setting up a project and software development environment in-house as well playing around with Bluetooth Mesh using an Arduino Adafruit board with a Nordic nRF50832 chip.
Acorn Technology AB
Gothenburg, Sweden
2014 - 2018
Software Engineering Consultant
2017 - 2018 Connecting Husqvarna Construction in Jonsered to the IoT. The Wakaama implementation of LwM2M is running in FreeRTOS on a Nordic nRF50832 BLE chip. The communication is encrypted using TinyDTLS. The backend is based on Leshan.
2016 Working on a ventilator for home use, a kind of ”respirator light” to help patients breath.. Implemented as an embedded system running treatment code written in C on an M32 processor and other functionality written in C++ as well as the GUI written in Qt, on an iMX6.
2016 Implementing a creative app for connecting people and sharing ideas. Done with Cards, Tabbed activities and floating action bars. FireBase as backend.
2015 - 2016 Implementing the new OMA LwM2m protocol for a customer in the measurement data business. This is done in Java 8 using Spring Boot and the Leshan implementation of LwM2m.
2015 Working on in-house projects, such as FairyBooks and an Android ping-pong analyzer app, as well as setting up Jenkins and Amazon servers.
2014 Android developer at Gloi AB, a part of SKF.
Developed a Bluetooth Low Energy service handling the BLE communication between Android apps and GLOI's shaft alignment devices.
2014 Server side development at Mobiento.
Worked with a user interface made with AngularJS communicating with a REST API written in Django.
Ajilon Consultants AB
Gothenburg, Sweden
2012 - 2014
Software Engineering Consultant
2014 Java developer at Wireless Car, a part of the Volvo Group Telematics at Volvo IT.
VGT has a competitive telematics platform used by eg Volvo Cars, Volvo Trucks, Jaguar Land Rover, Nissan, BMW. It is developed using a very potent Java setup, with Git, JAXB, JBoss, Spring, JRebel and Amazon servers.
2013 Developed the site using Ruby on Rails and Bootstrap.
Fun to create a site from scratch and two important lessons learned: Never let a designer decide the design. (They will want to have the passenger seat in front of the driver, to make it more socially interactive, or something.) Something is needed to speed up the client-side code, this site is ridiculously slow!
2013 Developed a bus information system with a team at Swarco
A very fun project: Extracting trip data from a central server required a lot of SQL code. This data was downloaded to a Java application running on a piece of hardware in each bus. With this data, as well as GPS, trip meter, door and stop button information, the signs and sound were controlled to let the passangers know things like "Next stop, Malmö" and "Bus 7 to heaven".
2012 App developer eg porting the Berömutmaningen app from iPhone to Android.
EIS by Semcon AB
Gothenburg, Sweden
2005 - 2012
System Engineering Consultant
2010 - 2012 Software developer at EIS working with a Volvo Car Corporation application used for engine analysis (MCD-Hub). It consists of three parts - embedded C software in the hub, a C++ API on a Windows computer and a C++ application for uploading and viewing the results. Coding in Eclipse, except the GUI that is made in what was formerly Borland C++ Builder. Nightly builds using CruiseControl and Python scripts. Version control using StarTeam (migration to CVN started). Code documentation handled with Doxygen and EA.
2009 Specification of the next infotainment generation at Volvo Car Corporation.
2009 Software developer at EIS working with the infotainment system of Volvo Car Corporation (same system that I was testing two years earlier, see below). Coding in C++ in Eclipse. Merant Version Manager for version control. Nightly builds using CruiseControl together with Python scripts.
2007 - 2009 Resident Engineer for Hitachi at GM Powertrain in Rüsselsheim, Germany, handling Hitachi's ECU (Engine Control Unit) used in some of GM's small petrol engines.
2005 - 2007 Developing test specifications and automatic test cases for the Ford PAG (Volvo, Jaguar, Land-Rover, Aston-Martin) Infotainment system using StarTest and TTCN-3.
TE Services
2003 - 2004
Test engineer
Testing Vodafone´s 3G mobile network. A good opportunity to study the technology behind mobile communications and to get to know another end of Europe.
Stiftelsen Sverige i Europa
West Sweden
Team leader
Led a team of 3-5 people in the YES! campaign prior to the EMU elections. A very social work, a good practice in communicating a vision and keeping the team motivated through both good and bad times.
Neoventa Medical AB
Gothenburg, Sweden
Systems Engineer
Software design and implementation for embedded realtime systems. Used Microsoft Visual C++, PharLap, DOS and MatLab. Also tested software and system and wrote test specs. A varying and social work thanks to a small office and the customer support responsibility. High demands on safety and quality. All documents in English and I had use of all my language skills due to the European staff and market.
AB Volvo
Gothenburg, Sweden
1998 - 1999
Interresting and challenging projects carried out alone from user needs investigation to final delivery: - Visualization of gravel tear on a car from its own wheels. Working in an Unix environment. Programming in C. Visualisation realised using Catia (and Fortran code). - Archive application for NC files in Unix using an Oracle database, X/Motif GUI and code in C with Embedded SQL.
Pelmatic Göteborg AB
Karlskrona, Sweden
Papenburg, Germany
Turku, Finland
Junior Engineer
Worked during my studies as a cad engineer (Catia, AutoCad), VVS designer and system administrator. Mostly in Gothenburg but also at e.g. Meyer Werft in Papenburg and ABB High Voltage Cables in Karlskrona. System administrator during a project with the Spanish AESA shipyard, working with a group of Indians from the Singapore office. Taught the use of any applications whenever needed.
Gothenburg, Sweden
10 June - 16 August 1991
Started my learning in Catia and Unix.
Ale Kommun
Älvängen, Sweden
3 weeks in July 1989
Summer job in the harbour of Älvängen. Collected the fees at nights. Maintained the harbour and all around it during the days.
Gothenburg, Sweden
Computer slave
First computer related work I ever had. Entered data about press cylinders (?) into a database. Tefco produced wrapping paper and stuff like that.


Chalmers University of Technology
Gothenburg, Sweden
Embedded Computer Systems Design
Taking courses realated to embedded computer systems such as Real-time Systems, Fault-Tolerant Computer Systems, Distributed Systems, Software Engineering using Formal Methods, Algorithms and Operating Systems. Member of the board of student association CAS , member of Tarantella.
Gothenburg, Sweden
Language studies
Italian for beginners, steps 1 and 2.
Chalmers University of Technology
Gothenburg, Sweden
Hamburg, Germany
Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
Studied computer systems from electronics to IT, including a year in Germany, an extra term and thesis work. Did my military service, worked and travelled in between and was chairman of the student association ESS.
See above for work experience during this period and below for details regarding the studies.
Ericsson Microwave Systems AB
Gothenburg, Sweden
Thesis work
"Position dependent services using Bluetooth and WAP". A demonstration system made to sell the idea of using the (at that time) coming Bluetooth technology as a means of deliviering position dependant services. The system consisted of two computers. One with the main application (written in Visual C++) including the Bluetooth interface and running Windows NT. This computer acted as a client, a cellular phone (it was placed on a serving trolley, so it was actually mobile!). Another computer acted as a Bluetooth "hotspot". It ran an Apache server using servlets written with Borland's JBuilder. A GSM module was attached to this computer as well. It was used to send SMS messages (yeah, a bit inconsistent...).
Chalmers University of Technology
Gothenburg, Sweden
University studies
An extra term with studies in economics and medicin in parallel with work at Volvo (see above).
Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg
Hamburg, Germany 1997-1998
Exchange student - Forth year of M.Sc.EE education
Focused on IT, e.g. databases, Business Software (SAP R/3), Software Architectures, Queuing Theory, Computer Networks and Artificial Intelligence. Mixed in management courses and languages. The multicultural environment, with all the exchange students, opened up my mind, giving influences from around the world. On a normal day I spoke four languages.
Chalmers University of Technology
Gothenburg, Sweden
First three years of M.Sc.EE education
Studied electronics with a break for my military service (see below).
Finnish army
Ekenäs, Finland
Military service
Platoon commander in the coastal jaeger troups at the Nyland Brigade.
Kungälv, Sweden
Upper secondary school
Technical education with electrical orientation.
Älvängen, Sweden
Senior level of the nine-year compulsory school
Took the advanced levels in German, English and maths and also studied Finnish. Otherwise normal school.
Älvängen, Sweden
Intermediate level of the nine-year compulsory school
Älvängen, Sweden
Intermediate level of the nine-year compulsory school

Leadership experience

Stiftelsen Sverige i Europa
West Sweden
Team leader
Led a team of 3-5 people in the YES! campaign prior to the EMU elections. A very social work, a good practice in communicating a vision and keeping the team motivated through both good and bad times.
Chalmers University of Technology
Gothenburg, Sweden
Led the student organisation ESS (Elektro Surf & Snowboard) during my third year at Chalmers.
Finnish army
Ekenäs, Finland
Military service
Platoon commander in the coastal jaeger troups at the Nyland Brigade.

Work and educational experience abroad

Switzerland Work
Working hard sounding Swiss with my Schwiizerdüütsch but so far I can't fool the German speaking part of the population...
Ireland Work
Got a nice accent on my English after way too few pints of Guiness in the Irish bars. Worked as a test engineer for TE Services (see the Work experince section above). The surf is quite good on the west coast!
Germany Studies
Forth year of my M.Sc.EE studies at TUHH in Hamburg. The education was in both English and German. Also spoke a lot of Finnish and Swedish with other foreign students from all around the world. (See the Education section for more details.)
Sanitation engineer at Meyerwerft in Papenburg (as a consultant from Pelmatic, see the Work experince section above). This is where I learned to use the German theory I had successfully gained in school.
Military service
I chose to do my military service in Finland, as a Platoon commander in the coastal jaeger troups at the Nyland Brigade in Ekenäs. This was because I wanted to get to know the country and my relatives better, to learn the language better and also to do the service properly! No Swedish scouting... ;)
Italy Work
Did a classic winter in the Alps, in Livigno. Worked a ski-man, which was fun! A lot of customer contacts and free use of skis and snowboards. And good language practice. Also checked out Milan and the Garda lake while in the "neighbourhood".

Language skills

Swedish Native
Born and raised in Sweden, so it's perfect. I'd say growing up in a bilingual home very much improved my general language skills.
English Fluent
Began studying English in the forth grade and then continued for 8 years up to the second year of upper secondary school. Took a course during the first year at Chalmers as well as a course in business English at TUHH (see the Education section above). English has always been the main language in all job and study related documentation. I also have a sister living in Ireland, so the language comes to good use.
German Very good
Began studying German in the seventh grade and then continued for 5 years up to the second year of upper secondary school. Studied the language while at TUHH (see the Education section above). Spoke the language at a daily basis then of course, as well as when I worked in Papenburg (see the Work experience section above). Now I live in Graubünden which is mostly Schwiizerdütsch.
Finnish Mother's tongue
This is my mother's tongue. But since noone outside the family could understand me, I didn't use the language actively until my military service (see the Education section above). Did study the language all trough compulsory school though.
Italian Tourist level
Studied night-classes for a year, corresponding to two years at upper secondary school. Used the language while in the Italian Alps 2003. But I soon realised this is no language for me. Not even the Italians understand each other!
Spanish Basics
Beginners' course in the fall of 2006 and another term in 2007. It's a nice language and one day I will speak it!
French Basics
Got an 8-week course while working at Neoventa (see the Work experience section above). I really like the language! It feels like I learned more French during the 8 weeks than a year of Italian...


Fire fighter I am part of the fire department of Domleschg, the Gemeinde of Feldis. The diploma for the basic course..
Movie stardom Playing around as an extra I'm eating kebab in Farsan.
My last "roles" were a cleaner and a doctor in Min så kallade pappa and I'm actually visible for seconds! ;)
Association board experiences 1997: Chairman of Elektro Surf & Snowboard at Chalmers.
2004-2005: Member of the board of CAS - Chalmers Alternative Sports - at Chalmers.
2001: Member of the board of TISH, an association that maintained a well-known skate park in a bomb shelter in a mountain by SKF in Gothenburg.
Driver's license B (normal car licence in Sweden)
Diver's licences CMAS *, PADI Advanced Open Water, PADI Dry Suit Speciality Diver
Best kind of vacation: On a diving boat. Just diving, eating, sun-bathing, sleeping, for days...
River kayaking/rafting 2002: Took the course "Expert on a weekend, step 2", led by the well-known Nenad Martinis. Fun sport! Once I buy a car, I will buy a rafting kayak too!
Sauna! Fifth place at the nationals in sauna bathing in Sweden in 2003 (Bastu-SM). My finnish blood is proud. I wouldn't do it again though. It's a totally stupid sport, it's all about who can take the most burning pain on the shoulders. 120 degrees of steem, slowly getter lower and lower. Noone did more than around 10 minutes! No pleasure, that's for sure. But fun, in retrospect...
Running I have never seen running as a competition sport. I run to get fresh air, smell the woods and move my arse. But I did win the Solifer Championships in 1992! Totally unknown, but the competition was hard! Then I ran the Göteborgsvarvet, half a marathon in 1994. The time wasn't too good (1.50), but at least it's done and I won't do it again. Not because it's too long, but because it's boring and 21 kilometers on asphalt is bad for your body. I can run around in the woods for 2 hours, no problem, with better speed too, but that's fun!